Second Skin, installation view

Second Skin, installation view at The Nickle Galleries.

A symbolic reference to a human body as fragmented flesh conducts through the exploration of machine reproduction representing fragmented machine perception of 3D digitizing technology.
This inquiry manifests as a deconstructed three-dimensional wax figure that appears to be sliced into interconnecting sections. Presenting human form as flesh explores the intersection between the organism and environment. The intrusive mechanistic representation objectifies the body playing on the disconnection of the body from the individual.

Searching for the interior and exterior boundaries of the body questions the relation of the flesh to the individual as a physical extension that is acquired through knowledge of manipulation, similar to manipulation of tools. Exploring the mathematical relationship between the sculpture of the body and its source contributes to the phenomenological interpretation of the body and the human technological relationship. This relationship establishes a metaphoric reference to the conceptual differences between human and Posthuman.

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