Fetus Flower

Fetus Flower

This cast sculpture initiated my inquiry into the notion of the hand as a tool and as an intelligent perceiving organ. The process of fabrication of this sculpture involved casting my hands with a clay-based technique. In this process, I placed my hand inside a clay pocket to take an impression.

Later I filled the pocket with wax. This way the clay preserves the texture of the hand, however deforming its shape and embeds folds in the surface. My tactile experience with clay and wax in this process developed into an inquiry about creating the sculptures that are meant to be touched.

Visual references to a flower suggest the themes of transformation, regeneration and nurturing with the hand. This hybridization of forms in a viewer a sense of erotic imagery through a plant-flesh metaphor conveying references to the notion of female body. This context opens questions up of normality and monstrosity in our understanding of the reproduction processes between species and fetishes.

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